Tesa ACXplus 7078

Product Code: 7078



tesa® ACXplus 7078 is a deep black acrylic foam tape, consisting of a high-performance acrylic adhesive system. The tape's unique components enable a combination of an excellent temperature resistance of up to 220°C for short periods of time, with an outstanding cold-shock resistance of up to -40°C. The double sided foam tape is resistant to ageing, UV light, chemicals and softeners. tesa® ACXplus 7078 is designed for demanding outdoor bonding applications especially in combination with tesa® Adhesion Promoters. The viscoelastic, foamed acrylic core compensates for different thermal elongation rates of bonded parts, offers great conformability to irregular surfaces as well as superior bonding strength.

tesa® ACXplus 7078 is used for various highly demanding bonding and reinforcing applications in a range of industries such as:

  • Elevator construction industry
  • Transportation and automotive industry
  • Production equipment industry
  • Ideal for use with tesa® Adhesion Promoters