General Warehouse Supplies

Premier Tapes & Packaging stocks a wide variety of warehouse supplies for packing, storing and protecting product.

Products include:

  • Bubble wrap and PE foam
  • Padded mailer bags
  • Packaging Tape (custom printing available, as well as Fragile, Top Load Only etc)
  • Bundling Film
  • Stretch Wrap (machine and hand rolls)
  • Lay flat tubing
  • Plastic and zip lock bags
  • Adhesive sprays
  • Strapping rolls and tools (both steel and poly)
  • Wrapping Papers - Brown Kraft, Newsprint, Tissue
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Void Fill
  • Invoice Enclosed Envelopes
  • Toiletries

Premier Tapes & Packaging is also a distributor of a range of semi and fully automatic machinery to suit all warehouse requirements, including:

  • Stretch Wrappers
  • Strapping machines
  • Carton Sealing machines
  • Air Pillow dispensers
  • Tensioners & Crimpers

  • tesa Tapes
  • Hi-Tech Tapes
  • Tenacious Tapes
  • Poly