Cold Chain Solutions

Cold Chain and Insulated Packaging Solutions such as: 

  • Thermal Bags
  • Thermal Carton Liners and Pouches
  • Through to Gel Packs and more..
    can be easily added to your shipping cartons.

This range has solutions for all your start up cold chain needs.
Products such as cartons, can also be customised to match the
standard small or large Thermal Liners and to best suit your indvidual requirements.

Cold Chain products, though seemingly simple are also cost-effective, safe, and suitable for use across a number of industries. Artisan Cheeses, Gourmet Oysters, convenient Meal Kits, Blood Donations, and Pathology samples are just a few products that will arrive safely, and temperature controlled with the help of Sancell Cold Chain Solutions!

  • tesa Tapes
  • Hi-Tech Tapes
  • Tenacious Tapes
  • Poly